Clover Go Mobile Credit Card Reader

Whether selling your products via roadside stand, at an in-home fashion party or from a food truck, the mobile card reader enables payment card processing on-the-spot.

    • Supports Android, iPhone or iPad devices
    • Encrypts card data instantly
    • Accesses tools for monitoring your funds and transactions
    • Less prone to breakage and unread swipes than comparable devices


FD410 Purpose Built Processor for Mobile Transactions

A wireless, hand- held point-of-sale device designed for merchants on the go. Purpose-built. Rugged. Fast. Flawless. For merchants who need to process a high number and variety of transactions remotely.

    • Employs creative design for mobility and flexibility
    • Utilizes a touch-screen interface
    • Processes credit,debit and gift cards, paper checks and EBT
    • Offers“store-and-forward” ensuring card-present rates when there is no signal

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