WSJ: Apple Pay is a Breeze to Use, But Still Too Hard to Find

WSJ: Apple Pay is a Breeze to Use, But Still Too Hard to Find

On Wednesday, October 29, 2014, the Wall Street Journal published an article by columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler titled “Apple Pay is a Breeze to Use, But Still Too Hard to Find.”  The author writes about his real-world experience using the Apple Pay app on his iPhone 6.

Geoff’s tests went pretty well. His feelings, including ease of use and a sense of security, are obvious. However, he does note that most merchants are still not prepared to support Apple Pay transactions. This is both good news and bad for merchants; good, because most merchants’ local competitors are not likely to currently accept Apple Pay, either; bad, because many large competitors got a jump on Apple Pay’s October release.

I, for one, leave my wallet behind quite often. Though I have done a pretty good job of slimming it down, carrying a wallet for any length of time in a back pocket is a recipe for aggravating my sciatica. Instead of a wallet, I carry in my front pocket an iPhone 5s with a flap that holds a single credit card and a $20 bill. I look forward to the day I can forego a wallet altogether… though that day won’t come until 18-year-old cashiers are no longer required to ask this gray-haired old man for his ID to buy beer.

That said, it’s an interesting article and worth the read. It’s important to note that small and medium-sized businesses don’t have to wait to accept Apple Pay. Indigo Payments is outfitting merchants throughout the country with the card processing tools required to accept Apple Pay today. Simply dial 800.988.8386 and sign up.

Though Apple Pay wasn’t the first to introduce near-field communication (NFC) technology for payment processing, they may be the one company with an established loyal following capable of grabbing the tail to wag the dog.