Clover Flex 2nd Generation

Clover has released the latest version of the Clover Flex device. It includes a fingerprint reader for easy access to the Clover Menu as well as memory and processing power updates. The pricing remains the same as the previous generation at $500.

Below is a quick snapshot of the differences between the first and second generation devices.

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Key Hardware Differences Over Flex Gen 1

Clover Flex Gen 1 Clover Flex (2nd Generation)
Speed Qualcomm 1.6GHz Quad Core A7 processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Cores Processor, 1.843GHz 4 Cores and 2.2GHz 4 Cores
OS Android 7.x Android 8.x
Storage 8GB eMMC 16GB eMMC
Connectivity WiFi/4G/LTE WiFi/4G/LTE
Fingerprint Reader N/A Yes