Never Business as Usual

Modern technology coupled with old-fashioned values. A place where relationships are sacred and business barriers are removed. Where each transaction is a handshake and every solution delivers real results. From terminals to mobile devices and robust POS systems, Indigo simplifies payments, automates your operation and transforms your bottom line.

Growing with Indigo.

No Nonsense. No Surprises.

Indigo’s payment card processing, point-of-sale solutions and financial services help businesses grow. We offer pure cost-plus pricing, a no-nonsense statement and an industry-leading guarantee never to raise our rates. We are so confident in our value, we’ve even eliminated early termination fees. So why get tied up? We’ll earn your business every day.

Growing with Indigo.

Our Guarantee

We will never raise your rates. There are no start-up fees.
And you’ll never pay should you decide to leave.

At Indigo, we earn your business one transaction at a time.