West Coast Boot Camp

West Coast Boot Camp

West Coast Boot Camp - La Cañada, CA

“Credit card processing reps stop by my store on a regular basis with promises of offering “the best” rates. I switched to Indigo because I genuinely liked the Indigo rep. He was sharp, answered my questions and alleviated my concerns.

The kicker, he also gave me the best rate AND guaranteed that that rate would not increase. He has been true to his word. There hasn’t been a rate increase for the five years we have been doing business.

Indigo’s customer service is as good as my rep promised. If there is a charge back or other issue Indigo notifies me of the incident and works with me to resolve the issue.

When I started West Coast Boot Camp I never thought I would need a business partner, but I got one with Indigo Payments.”

Adrian Pietrariu
West Coast Bootcamp

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