Welcome Great Harvest Bread Company  

We are very excited to welcome the Great Harvest Bread Company Franchisees to Indigo Payments.  From exceptionally low rates that will never increase to personalized service and support, Indigo will change the way you feel about taking payments.  

The information on the following page explains your pricing package, answers frequently asked questions and outlines differentiators that set Indigo apart from hundreds of other processors. 

Contact us with questions or complete your application to begin processing with the buttons below. 

Once you initiate contact, you will receive a call from your National Senior Account Representative, Jeff Hyman, or our Operations team.  

Payment Provider National Senior Account Representative
 Indigo Payments: www.indigopayments.com 
Number: 1-800-988-8386
Email: Operations@indigopayments.com 
Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM EST
Name: Jeff Hyman 
Number: 213-798-7730 
Email: JeffHyman@indigopayments.com 
Payment Provider
 Indigo Payments
Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM EST
National Senior Account Representative
Jeff Hyman