1. Merchant Header Information Verify your merchant name and address information is accurate.

2. This information displays the billing period, your merchant id and the Customer Service number for Indigo Payments.

Statement 1

3. Summary – Amounts submitted is total amount of transactions processed for the month. If you have any adjustments or chargebacks for the month they will show here. The total amount of fees billed for the month will also display here.

4. Statement message – Important messages concerning your account will be placed in this section. Always read to stay informed of current and future billings!

5. Key terms – Definitions to assist in understanding your bill.

6. Summary by Card type – Displays all transactions processed for the month, separated by indvidual card type.

7. Amounts Funded By Batch – Displays the dates that batches were credited for deposit. Also will show debits and adjustments made to merchant account.

8. Amounts Submitted – Displays subtotals of all transactions processed by card type.

9. Third Party Transactions & Adjustments/Chargebacks – If processed third party transactions they will show here. All adjustments/chargebacks will show in the following section.

10. Fees Charged – Card Brand Fees, Assessments and other fees will be disclosed within this area. Indigo Fees billed are other item fees and other volume fees.

11. Interchange Charges – Charges billed by the card brands: Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX. Indigo is a pass through only ISO, which means these are the direct costs passed by the Card Brands.

12. Tax Gross Reportable Sales By Tin – Monthly total as well as a Year To Date reportable sales total that is supplied to IRS