The Artful Lodger

The Artful Lodger

The Artful Lodger - Charlottesville, VA

“Why did we switch to Indigo Payments?

My husband and I genuinely liked the local rep. From the moment we met he was polite, straightforward and had the facts. We’d ask questions and he had answers.

Changing to Indigo was easy; there were no start-up fees or a long-term contract. And customer service has been exceptional. If there’s a problem; such as a chargeback or terminal issue, we call our local Indigo rep’s mobile phone and he shows up, in-person. I am confident Indigo’s 800 phone support is just as capable but I wouldn’t know. We have never called the support line in the four years as an Indigo Payments’ customer. We see our local rep right here in Charlottesville, whether we need support, or he’s just dropping by to check in.

Good rates. Good service. – It’s good to be an Indigo customer.”

Caroline Minsky
The Artful Lodger

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