The Young Men's Shop

The Young Men's Shop

The Young Men's Shop - Charlottesville, VA

“The Young Men’s Shop has been an Indigo Payments customer for five years. Though admittedly, not five years straight. Somewhere along the line another processing company stopped by the shop and promised lower rates. We thought, ‘Let’s save a few bucks,’ and made a change.

That was a mistake.

What wasn’t immediately realized is that the new card processor was adding fees without notice. This was discovered during a cursory review of our monthly statement. The company was charging for every customer support call. Once we started reviewing monthly statements closer we found other fees added and those “lowest rates” were mysteriously increasing.

We switched back to Indigo.

On top of a rate guarantee and a friendly, supportive local rep, Indigo Payments understands the number one concern of all retailers – cash flow is king. If transactions are cleared by 6 PM, the money is deposited into the store’s account by 6 AM the next morning.

The Young Men’s Shop has been a local, family run business for thirty-five years and we are growing with Indigo.”

Rachel and Harry Marshall
The Young Men’s Shop