TSYS - $125 PCI Non-Compliance Fee

TSYS - $125 PCI Non-Compliance Fee

We have recently learned that TSYS has raised the PCI non-compliance fee to $125 per month beginning December 2019. Below is a screenshot from a TSYS merchant’s November 2019 statement advising of the increase:

All TSYS merchants likely received the same statement message.

In our blog post covering Heartland’s PCI non-compliance fee rising to $125.00 per month​, we also mentioned that Heartland’s parent company, Global Payments, recently announced a merger with TSYS.

The merger was completed on September 2019, and we’ve already seen the TSYS  non-compliance fee raised to $125.00.  It is possible TSYS merchants will see additional rate and monthly/annual fees introduced. ​

We will continue to share industry stories, rate increases and fee changes.

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