WorldPay – Upcoming Pricing Changes

WorldPay – Upcoming Pricing Changes

The pricing team recently analzyed a January 2020 statement from Worldpay containing the following statement message:

The beginning message of Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover making changes to the interchange model is consistent with the industry changes expected in the upcoming months.

However, the statement message also contains the following:

“Worldpay from FIS will also be making changes to our pricing and pricing model to further simplify and streamline our pricing methodology. As a result, you will receive easier-to-understand pricing and billing statements.”

Worldpay has used similar statement messages before indicating changes to pricing structures and methodologies for businesses. In the past, price increases have followed shortly.

We expect the same actions in the upcoming months.

In addition, Worldpay was acquired by FIS (Fidelity National Information Services) March 2019, and we expect continued rate increases for WorldPay clients.

The Worldpay/Vantiv merger announced in 2017 resulted in rate increases upon completion of the ​merger in 2018.

Detailed communication from WorldPay/FIS is anticipated in the next 30 days. The pricing team will share the changes upon release.

Please contact with questions.