PCI Non-Compliance Fee and Indigo’s Commitment

PCI Non-Compliance Fee and Indigo’s Commitment

PCI non-compliance or PCI non-validation fee is an ambiguous and oftentimes expensive fee for businesses.

Your processor may purposefully provide ambiguous information to prevent you from becoming compliant because this fee can be extremely lucrative for processors.

How much is the penalty?

Since the non-compliance fee is determined by each payment processor, non-compliance fees vary. Generally, the average non-compliance fee can range from several dollars to more than $100 a month. 

Certain processors in the industry charge significantly more. For example,

  • TSYS: $125.00 per month

  • Simpay: $250.00 per month

The business will incur this fee each month UNTIL the proper verification process is completed to confirm PCI compliance.

What is PCI?

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and all businesses are required to follow certain security measures to protect consumers’ credit card information. Although most businesses are already in compliance with the standard, a verification process is required to prove the business is in compliance.

Businesses that do not complete the proper verification process with the processor incur the “PCI Non-Compliance fee.”

The penalty is incurred EVEN IF the business is meeting the security standards!

How is Indigo Payments different?

Indigo Payments offers a very low $15.00 PCI Non-Compliance Fee.

However, Indigo prefers none of our clients pay the penalty.   We have a dedicated team to help our customers with the PCI verification process to AVOID the $15.00 penalty.  We proactively assist our clients in becoming compliant:

  • We contact you when we see that you are PCI non-compliant
  • We assist you with completing a survey and scan to prove your compliance status
  • This is an ongoing commitment since the verification process must be completed quarterly or annually depending on certain factors

Our commitment to our clients has resulted in one of the highest compliance percentages in the industry.

We want you to AVOID incurring a PCI non-compliance fee.

Please contact operations@indigopayments.com or 1-800-988-8386!