What is Indigo Payments’ Rate Guarantee?

What is Indigo Payments’ Rate Guarantee?

What if your cell phone, internet or any subscription-based service you use raised fees EVERY YEAR or TWICE a YEAR?

Did you know most payment processors raise rates every year?

In the payments industry, almost every processor raises rates. The frequency of the rate increase and the amount will vary, but standard practice is to raise rates twice a year.

Some examples of rate increases include:

0.10% or $10 for every $10,000 in volume in the case of Sekure Payments


0.35% or $35 for every $10,000 in volume in the case of iPayments.

Ultimately, we see processors penalizing customer loyalty which Indigo will never do.

Our commitment to all Indigo Payments’ customers is defined in our mission statement:

We will never raise your rates. There are no start-up fees. And you’ll never pay should you decide to leave.

Within our mission statement, We will never raise your rates confirms that the rates we offer you in beginning will never increase.

Customers that boarded with us at the company’s inception in 2007 still pay the same rates today and will continue to do so moving forward.

Can Indigo’s customers expect absolutely no fee changes?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express adjust their fees a few times per year. Since those fees are not determined by Indigo, we must pass through the changes because the changes are passed on to us.

However, these changes are a combination of increases and decreases and generally result in minimal or no difference to most businesses.

These changes are identical to every processor and every business in the United States. 

Processing rates determined by Indigo remain the same.

Our Rate Guarantee 

Too often, we see businesses leave us for “better rates” only to pay significantly more because of rate increases over time.  Sometimes customers leave Indigo and pay more right from the beginning!

One of the more severe cases was a customer that moved to Elavon for better rates.

Over time, the rate increase led to the business incurring $41 for every $10,000 in volume

Description ​Previously with Indigo ​Elavon

(4 Years Later)

​Per Volume Rate ​0.10% ​BKCD: 0.57%
AMEX: 0.62%
BKCD: Increased 0.47%​
AMEX: Increased 0.52%
​Per Item Rate ​$0.10 ​$0.60
​Increased $0.50
Effective Rate 1.85% 2.26% Increased 0.41%

This is one of many instances we see daily.  Fortunately, many businesses who leave choose to return to Indigo within six months.

Our customers will always be comfortable knowing that our rates are guaranteed forever.

Please contact operations@indigopayments.com or 1-800-988-8386!