Introducing Clover Station Pro

Introducing Clover Station Pro

Clover Station Pro

Would an online menu expand your business?
Do you need to track inventory?
And manage employees hours?
What else would help you manage your business?

Introducing the Clover Station Pro! Clover Station Pro is a Point-of-Sale (POS) system with all the features of the Clover Station 2 but more!

The Clover Station Pro comes with a stand-alone customer display screen that acts as the payment acceptance solution.

Customer’s order details are displayed on the screen and customers pay by inserting their card or using the NFC function directly on the customer display screen.

No contact payments, no contact order detail sharing, email your receipts and more.

The Clover Station Pro is an all-inclusive Point-of-Sale (POS) suitable for any business in any industry.

​Additional new features for the Clover Station Pro:

  • Fully integrated EMV/NFC payment acceptance through customer-facing device and fingerprint login for enhanced security
  • Includes native 4G/LTE connectivity for additional reliability
  • Compatibility with same peripherals as previous Station to reduce additional costs (for existing Station merchants)
  • Dedicated customer-facing display for improved order accuracy, customer engagement, loyalty program facilitation and more
  • Customer display is durable and thoughtful, built with strengthened glass which includes anti-fingerprint and anti-microbial coating
  • Fully integrated EMV/NFC payment acceptance, fingerprint login for enhanced security, and our new NFC Employee Login card
  • Includes native 4G/LTE connectivity for additional reliability
  • Station Pro includes a 14″ high resolution merchant-facing screen that is fixed in place versus on a swivel
  • State of the art processor for increased transaction and app speeds
  • Compatibility with same peripherals as previous Station to reduce additional costs (for existing Station merchants)

Clover Station 2 vs. Clover Station Pro

DescriptionClover Station 2Clover Station Pro
OSAndroid 7.xAndroid 8.x
Customer Display[Optional] 4.3″ NFC display on printer7.0″ HD Display, accepts credit and EBT card swipes, EMV chip + PIN/signature and contactless payments
Base + SwivelStation 2018 has a rectangular base with a swivel neck display used by merchants and customersStation Pro has a smaller, square base. The display doesn’t swivel.
Station Terminal & PrinterStation 2018 has a printer with a customer-facing display. It doesn’t include a Mini.Station Pro uses a new customer- facing payment device to act as the terminal. This device does not have a printer built in, but Station Pro comes with our standard P500 printer.
Card ReaderStation 2018 has a built in mag and chip reader built into the 14″ display, with NFC powered by the printer.Station Pro’s merchant-facing screen does not have a CC reader. Instead, tap, chip and swipe motions happen on the customer-facing Station customer-facing payment device.
ConnectivityWired LAN and Wi-Fi OnlyWired LAN, Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE
Employee LoginStation 2018 allows for fingerprint logins (up to 20), PIN entry, and mag stripe employee cards.Station Pro increases fingerprints to 50 users, but removes the mag stripe employee card logins
Pin ShieldN/APIN Shield and ADA PIN Entry Aid optional
CablesTethering Station 2018 to a Mini leaves you with two of everything (power cords, LAN, etc.)Station Pro simplifies things significantly. One power cable and LAN cable, with everything powered from the CFPD

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