Contactless Payments on Clover

Contactless Payments on Clover

As businesses continue to shift their focus to contactless payments, here’s information on the requirements for contactless Clover payments.

You can take contactless payments with the Register and Sale apps. Accepted forms of contactless payments include:

  • Contactless credit and debit cards from all major card brands
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Samsung Pay

To take contactless payments on a Clover Station (original device), simply connect a Clover Mini or FD-40 device to the Station.

To accept contactless payments on a Clover Station 2018, make sure you have the Clover Station 2018 printer that takes contactless payments or use a Clover Mini.

The Clover Flex, Clover Mini and Clover Station Pro have built-in contactless features.

*For security reasons, some card brands don’t permit contactless payments over a certain amount. If this occurs, the cardholder will see a message instructing them to insert or swipe their card.

To take a contactless payment in the Sale app:

  1. Open the Sale app.
  2. Enter the sale amount, then tap Charge.
  3. If you’ve enabled prompting for invoice numbers (or your custom identifier), enter an identification number, then tap Continue.
  4. Tap the card or phone over the EMV contactless logo on the printer.
  5. Ask the customer to sign or enter a PIN as necessary.
  6. If the customer signed, tap Verify to accept their signature.
  7. Select how customers will receive their receipt, or tap Void Transaction to void the payment.
  8. Tap Done to finish the transaction.​

To take a contactless payment in the Register app:

  1. Open the Register app.
  2. Add items to an order and select Pay.
  3. Select Charge $XX.XX on Card.
  4. Tap the payment card or phone over the EMV contactless logo on the device screen.
  5. (Optional) Many contactless payments with a card don’t require any form of cardholder verification. But, depending on the amount and the type of card, the cardholder may be asked to sign or enter their PIN. If the cardholder uses a phone, they’ll need to confirm with a fingerprint, facial recognition scan, or passcode entry.
  6. (Optional) If the customer signed, select Verify to accept their signature.
  7. Select how the customer will receive their receipt, or select Void Transaction or Reject Signature to void the payment.
  8. Select Done to finish the transaction.
For more information, please contact Operations at or 800.988.8386.