Introducing Clover Flex (LTE)

Introducing Clover Flex (LTE)

Clover Flex

Would your restaurant like to accept payments at the table or curbside?
Does your retail store want to accept payments anywhere in the store or curbside?
Do you offer a service and need to accept payments where the service is provided?

Introducing the Clover Flex LTE! A generation upgrade from the prior Clover Flex, the Clover Flex LTE is a portable payment acceptance device that allows you to accept payments anywhere in lightning speed with improvements in hardware and added functionalities like the fingerprint reader.

The Clover Flex can communicate with other Clover devices such as the Clover Station and Clover Station Pro to share payment, order details and more.

The Clover Flex is a versatile device suitable for all industries providing a solution to accept payments in any mobile setting.

Below is a quick snapshot of the differences between the first and second generation devices.

Clover Flex Gen 1 vs Clover Flex Gen 2 (LTE)

DescriptionClover Flex Gen 1Clover Flex (2nd Generation LTE)
SpeedQualcomm 1.6 GHz Quad Core A7 ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Cores Processor, 1.843 GHz 4 Cores and 2.2GHz 4 cores
OSAndroid 7.xAndroid 8.x
Storage8GB eMMC16GB eMMC
Fingerprint ReaderNoYes

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