The New Terminal – Clover Mini!

There are many things to consider when selecting the best terminal solution for your business:

  • Type of Business (Restaurant or Retail)?
  • Do you use gift cards?
  • Do you adjust tips?

The FD-150 often seems like the perfect solution, offering many appealing options. However, it is just a countertop terminal. Instead of the FD-150, consider the Clover Mini which is a countertop terminal replacement. The payments plus software option for Clover has full terminal functions (sale, refund, etc.) but offers so much more. Better yet, the Clover mini is expandable. Rather than tossing old terminals away when it is time to upgrade to a POS, convert Clover terminals to fully-functional POS stations.

The table below shows a quick comparison of the features available.

Functionality FD-150 Clover Mini
Multiple Payment Types (Credit/Debit, EMV, NFC (Apple Pay) X X
Integrated Printer X X
Manager Tips, Pre-auth tabs and cards X X
Wi-Fi Connectivity X X
4G Connectivity (Optional – additional fees apply) X
Signature Capture (helps fights chargebacks) X
Customer Database X
Employee Management/Time Keeping X
Barcode & QR Code Scanner X
7″ Gorilla Glass display X


Additionally, many businesses use a cash register to ring up purchases and a separate terminal to process credit cards. These registers range from $100 for basic functions to $500 for advanced features (like quick keys for ringing up the most popular items and UPC storage for scanning items). In addition,  you will also require a credit card terminal that costs $200 or more.

Clover Mini offers an alternative to the old cash register with additional features and benefits:

  • Cash management using the Cash Log app. Record cash in, cash out, beginning balance and ending balance
    • View cash transaction, add cash and remove cash records
  • Employee management – Use the Shifts app to assign shifts and track clock in and clock out
  • Enter Inventory to easily find items or use bar code numbers to scan items into an order